The team

At the Institute of Urban and Regional Development the team members responsible for the project implementation are

Bartosz Piziak Urbanlab

Bartosz Piziak

Geographer, graduated from MA and PhD studies at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Development of the Jagiellonian University. He is also a graduate of Tourism Management at the Institute of Public Affairs at the Jagiellonian University. Author and co-author of several scientific articles and studies dedicated to the development of tourism in cities and border areas, the geographic proximity of advanced industry companies, and urban labs. He is the coordinator of the project "Urban Lab as a pilot tool to improve the quality of life of city residents in accordance with the idea of smart city". Passionate about travel, photography and modern technologies

Magdalena Bień Urbanlab

Magdalena Bień

A graduate of Geography with a specialization in Spatial Management and Regional Development at the Jagiellonian University. Her areas of interest focus on the development of innovative tools to improve the quality of life in the city. She is dedicated to such topics as researching the needs and creative solving of problems of users of urban space and the activation of the local community. She spends her free time in the mountains and traveling.

Katarzyna Hetmańczyk

Geographer - by profession and by passion. Graduate of IGiGP of the Jagiellonian University. PhD student at AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków. She gained experience working in numerous scientific projects on the development of various regions of Poland. She is particularly interested in topics related to the changes taking place in post-mining cities losing their functions and the role of education and participation in creating new paths for urban development. She spends her free time traveling around county Poland and communist-era apartment blocks.

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