Urban Lab Rzeszów

The concept of Urban Labs in Polish conditions was developed by the team of the Institute for Urban and Regional Development with direct support from the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy which co-finances the Project from the funds of the Operational Program Technical Assistance for 2014-2020.

On the basis of the above-mentioned concept, a document named “Adaptation of the Urban Lab concept in Rzeszów” (for the period 2019-2021) was prepared in Rzeszów in terms of the pilot implementation of the Urban Lab in this city. Its operation was finally inaugurated on October 9, 2019.

The Rzeszów Urban Lab is a part of a pilot project to implement urban labs in Polish cities. Urban Lab Rzeszów is a space for developing innovative solutions and ideas for the city, the testing and implementation of which should lead to an improvement in the quality of life of the city residents.

For the effective functioning of the Rzeszów Urban Lab, a Strategic Group was established by the President of the City of Rzeszów, consisting of representatives of the local government, employees of scientific institutions, experts from non-governmental and business organizations, as well as decision-makers in the most important administration divisions involved in the Project.

It is the Strategic Group that determines every year the detailed thematic areas on which the activities of Urban Lab Rzeszów are focused, and during the year, if necessary, it modifies them, adapting to the existing conditions. A Thematic Team is appointed for each of these areas and it is an integral part of the activities of Urban Lab Rzeszów. The tasks set by the Strategic Group are carried out as part of the Thematic Teams, the Innovation Incubator (Rzeszów Urban Startup Akcelerator) and the Urban Café, which is a space for organizing numerous events in the form of debates, trainings, conferences, educational workshops for children and teenagers, as well as public consultations.

The current members of the Strategic Group

Thematic Teams established in 2020

The seat of Urban Lab Rzeszów is located in a prestigious location – on the main promenade of the city – ul. 3 Maja – at number 13 in the Paniaga Gallery. The space with an area of over 330 m2 is open to all residents of Rzeszów who want to have an impact on changes in the city, designing public space, setting directions for the city’s development. It is both a space for the exchange of thoughts, views, ideas, inspirations, and a place where innovative solutions for the city are created.

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