Urban Lab, in the assumption of the authors of the concept created in IRMiR, is an instrument of cooperation between the city and enterprises, scientific entities and NGOs, aiming at improving the quality of life of the inhabitants through innovative solutions to the identified problems and generating additional value using urban resources.Therefore, in this case we can talk both about a research methodology, a specific place in the urban space, and an innovative environment in which solutions for city inhabitants will be designed, tested, implemented, and monitored.

  • Urban Solutions. In urban labs we look for innovative technological and social solutions together.

  • Open data. We are trying to "open up" to residents, entrepreneurs, and researchers, including in the area of urban data.

  • Innovation Incubator. Together with residents we look for creative ideas for the city and test them to implement later!

  • City space. We discuss with residents and experts what our city should look like!